– Hello! –

My name is Betty Elaine Simpson

I’m Betty, a wedding and anniversary photographer for adventurous devoted couples. I’m a wife, mama, boss, visual storyteller, mixology hobbyist, adventure seeker, and travel addict. I spend my days doing life with my best friend and husband Matt, laughing loudly while dancing with my baby boy Wilder, and our corgi Indie. I’m always planning our next hike, or trip. And I’m always ready for an excuse to go back to Europe!


– Fun Facts! –

  • I feel most comfortable a little dressed up and with a strong red lip color on.
  • I am an extrovert. Therefore, every day is a dance party.
  • While I do love technology, I still love making paper lists.
  • On weekends when I am not photographing a wedding, I am traveling, hiking, or camping. I have a passion for travel and outdoor photography.
  • I grew up in Hertfordshire, England.
  • I am madly in love with my Husband. He is my best friend. We like to sing together, experiment with paleo recipes, or order pizza and do DIY projects on our “barn house”.
  • One of my hobbies is mixology. Gin is a staple on my bar cart.
  • I Instagram far too many pictures of my corgi puppy…
  • I’m quite fond of tattoos.
  • It is my personal goal to photograph in as many National Parks as possible.
  • I started photography to document all the places I traveled, but somewhere in that journey I started photographing people’s love stories.
  • My faith in Jesus fuels my creativity far more than I ever could have imagined.
  • The PNW is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful places on earth, and I love exploring the area from the coast, to the depths of the forrest, and the heights of the mountains.
  • My favorite thing about living in Seattle is how easy it is to get my coffee fix. It’s always a bonus when I find a coffee shop I can order my cappuccino and bring my dog in with me!
  • Being a Professional Wedding Photographer is a joy in my life. Thank you for the honor of letting me be a part of your wedding day.

My Philosophy

I am a curator of stories, and I tell those stories in photos.

Your love story is important to me, and I want to tell that story with your wedding photography. I believe in marriage. It is a bond that is sacred, romantic, and real. The couples I work with place value on their wedding day photography, and are passionate, fun, unique people. As a wedding and anniversary photographer, I am honored in documenting my clients love stories, and their devotion together in all steps of their journey in marriage.

My photography style is intimate, romantic, and editorial. Behind my camera I feel a sense of freedom to explore, create scenes, capture details, and really see the couple’s vision for their wedding. I aim to encapsulate beauty and joy in each photograph. My clients are adventurous. They are the type of people who see the fun in getting their wedding dress and shoes a little dirty, will climb trees and hike with me, they value capturing moments epically more than staying picture perfect.

On your wedding day I won’t just photograph you, but I’ll be there to document your friends, family, and all the details of your day. I might cry during your vows, I might whisk you two away so you can have a few minutes alone, I want your wedding day photography to be a tangible representation of your legacy together so you can remember and continue to share your wedding day over the years, and as your family grows.

– Life Goals –

  1. 1-Wildflower-Meadow-Paradise-Mt-Rainier-Wedding-Photography

    Photograph in as many National Parks as possible!

  2. 2-Positano-Italy-Europe-Travel-Anniversary-Trip-Photography-by-Betty-Elaine

    Live in Italy for one month of the year.

  3. 3-Sunrise-Mt-Rainier-Wedding-Photography

    Summit Mt Rainier.

It is key for me as a wedding photographer, to learn about you! If you are interested in having me shoot your upcoming engagement, anniversary, elopement, or wedding, please contact me to discuss the details of your wedding.

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