Tips for backing up your photos!

Your wedding photos are irreplaceable. You invested a lot of time, and money in your wedding day photography, so let’s take special care in preserving your memories! 

1. Print your photos now and honor them in the form of a wedding album. It’s easy to say you will do this later, or for your next anniversary. We all get busy, and doing this next time, or next year, in my experience means it’s always going to be something you desire, but doesn’t ever get finished. So don’t procrastinate. It’s important to print your photos, and to preserve your memories in a way that you can cherish them forever. I’ve been guilty of falling behind printing my own personal photos every year, it’s hard! But I don’t want my memories to remain a digital file that no one ever gets to see. I love going to my parents house and flipping through old photo albums. I want my family and friends to have that same experience in my own home. 

2. Download the photos from your online gallery. I deliver all my clients’ images through an online gallery. This gallery will expire, and it is important that you immediately download all your images onto your computer.

3. Upload photos to cloud storage. Redundancy is important here. You don’t want to rely on one service to store your photos. So I recommend uploading your images to two places. Services like Amazon Photos, Dropbox, Google Photos, etc, are examples of websites you can upload your photos to for cloud storage.

4. Purchase multiple external hard drives. I recommend at least two, three is even better. Copy your photos onto your external hard drives.  Store one off site. Store the other in a fireproof safe in your home. Technology can fail, hard drives can crash, you don’t want to rely on one copy of your wedding images, which is why I recommend duplicate copies on external hard drives.

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