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May 24, 2011

So my sister is home from the air force for a little while. She took my Mom and I out to see Bridesmaids! Which was funny and yes I recommend it. The part I have to say bothered me was the $800 bridesmaid dresses they chose, YIKES! I am pretty sensitive to budgets and I tried to be for my bridesmaids too back in September when I got married. I got all four of my bridesmaids dresses for under $100. Yes I said UNDER $100!

Here is how.

Originally I was going to have all my bridesmaids (my four younger sisters, so blessed) wear different dresses in the same color scheme. That was until I started looking at vintage patterns and dresses.

If you have bridesmaids that don’t all have the same body type, either pick one fabric/color they can all wear in different style dresses or pick a classic style that looks good on all. One of the many reasons I love vintage.

There were two dresses that I ended up liking, so I kept looking around for the cheapest priced patterns. Lucky for me, the Jo-Ann’s by my house was relocating. Everything was on clearance. I bought my patterns for $3 total.

Later I started to look for fabrics. The fabric store I went to was having a sale! I chose four different fabrics that contrasted well together  and a fabric for the base layer ( I don’t sew so excuse my terminology ). Then I purchased zippers etc for the dresses. My total ended up being roughly $100, AMAZING.

Now the sewing part, and how did I know how much fabric to buy, my mother in law. She made them all in a month. Thats pretty awesome if you ask me. If you have any friends who know how to sew, ASK! It can always be their wedding gift to you if you feel its asking a lot.

And this was the outcome:

ohmygosh i am dying! those dresses are so amazing and knowing that they were handmade from vintage patterns just sends their amazingness into the stratosphere.i love it. i would love to share this on the blog and link back to you of course. : )

Thank you! I sent you an email this made me so happy :)

those dresses are absolutely gorgeous! not only are they lovely, they’re actually rewearable outside of bridesmaidsy duties. you’re one smart cookie!

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